Sealing materials, swellable in contact with water


p202To provide excellent hydroinsulation of structures, sealing systems are exposed to the strict requirements – both in new construction and repair work.

Special attention should be given both to the main aim – achieving of the reliable water (not standing), as well as to such issues like easy and clean installation, permanent waterstop, and the last, but not the least – rapid and economic installation.

ADEKA ULTRA SEAL is natural rubber hydroinsulation composition, expanding in contact with water. Hydrofilic components of chemically modified natural rubber allow to control the expansion capacity of ADEKA ULTRA SEAL products.

Material yield strength and rubber optimal elasticity properties ensure great expansion capacity and tensile strength.

In contact with water ADEKA ULTRA SEAL expands and contact pressure onto adjacent materials, that will withstand 8 bar hydrostatic pressure not endangering the joint strip extrusion. Due to this fact, installation is also possible in places with continuous hydrostatic pressure alterations.

High elasticity of ADEKA ULTRA SEAL products, permanent and controlled expansion properties, excellent recovery, the exceptional natural rubber elongation and permanent quality – the features that provide durable joints sealing.

ADEKA ULTRA SEAL product line includes joint strips in different sizes and a paste, that allow optimal waterstop in a variety of solutions both in general and special construction.

Find more about product on the Estonian data sheet Adeka_Ultra_Seal.pdf and from our sales representatives.