NORDEA Building

14-storey edifice of Nordea Building was completed in autumn 2009 right in the heart of Tallinn, at Liivalaia 45/47. The anchor tenant of the edifice is Nordea Bank, which has given its name to the whole building. The edifice is built around a central concrete core. It means that all services as well as the bearing structure are concentrated in the building centre, and the completely open-plan floors are spread around the core. The upper storeys offer the breathtaking views of Tallinn. The building has a 54-metre-high glass wall. The ring-shaped plan with total area of 16 989 m² allows to enjoy a stunning panoramic view. The project was developed by an architect Emil Urbel and a constructor Nordecon International.


What we did

We fulfilled waterproofing of the office building upturned roof with double-coat GRACE Bituthene system.

What we used

We primed the car park concrete ceiling with Primer B2 and installed the  laminated membrane GRACE Bituthene 4000 with 340mm upturns onto the facade and 150mm downturns on the basement walls. The overcoating – laminated membrane GRACE Bituthene 8000. The membrane edges were sealed with liquid membrane GRACE Bituthene Mastic. For the upturns protection we installed protection board GRACE Servipak 3mm.