Aseri Brickworks air ducts

Aseri Brickworks in Ida-Virumaa is the biggest in Estonia brick-making plant. In 2008 the production stopped for the economic reasons, but in the year of 2009, when the situation improved, the bricks production was launched again. The plant manufactures bricks, roofing tiles, etc. which play an important part in the Estonian export. The work was ordered by Wienerberger AS and the head contractor – Maru Ehitus AS.


What we did

The construction joints in the wall and floor air ducts of the new building production line substrates leaked under the high groundwater stress. We sealed the air ducts construction joints with injection by drilling method.

What we used

To fulfill the works we used Desoi pressure anchors and MC-Bauchemie two-component injection materials system. Pressurized water leakages were sealed with polyurethane foam MC-Injekt 2033 and next they were filled with viscous elastic polyurethane foam MC-Injekt 2300 NV.