Tamme stadium

Underground outer walls of the building were waterproofed using GRACE Bituthene 4000 rolled-on membrane, edges were sealed with GRACE Bituthene Mastic liquid membrane. To protect the waterproofing a 200 mm EPS insulation was installed. Tribune stairs corners were filleted using GRACE Bituthene LM liquid membrane. Then GRACE Bituthene 4000 rolled-on membrane was installed in two layers. Edges were sealed using GRACE Bituthene LM liquid membrane and to protect the waterproofing system a 200 mm thick Styrofoam 250 SL-AN insulation was installed.


What we did

Tamme stadium I and II floors tribunes waterproofing and insulation works.

What we used

GRACE Primer B2
GRACE Bituthene 4000
GRACE Bituthene Mastic
GRACE Bituthene LM