Gamma Cure

Product description gamma_cure-p

Gamma Cure is a cure agent, used for Xypex after-treatment instead of water spraying. Gamma Cure enchances crystallization process and protects surface treated with Xypex.


Gamma Cure increases hydrolysis of portland cement forming clean silica gel, which absorbs and retains water required for growth of crystals (one gel molecule retains 300 water molecules). Gamma Cure acts as a catalyst for the reaction between unhydrated lime and carbon dioxide, resulting in extremely hard and dense carbonate of lime surface, which retards evaporation.


Dilute 1 part of Gamma Cure with 3 parts clean water.
Apply by spraying onto the crystallised Xypex-processed surface before Xypex dries (approx.1-2 hours after application).

Find more about product on the Estonian data sheet Xypex_Gamma_Cure.pdf
and from our sales representatives.