Muuga Harbour Coal Terminal frieght cars dumping hub

In the western part of Muuga Harbour there is a coal terminal, stretching over 44 hectares. Muuga coal terminal storage area is known to be able to store 350 000 tons at a time. Muuga harbour coal terminal consists of three berths with a total length of 770 metres and 11-17.1 metres deep. Muuga coal terminal is one of the biggest and most modern terminals in Europe. The operating activities in the coal terminal are arranged by Coal Terminal Operator AS. In 2004 the reconstruction of Muuga coal terminal began. The contractor was AS Merko Ehitus, and he ordered waterproofing works with us.


What we did

We installed waterproofing with the protective insulation on the coal terminal frieght cars dumping hub sub-structures.

What we used

For waterproofing of the coal terminal frieght cars dumping hub bottom slab we used laminated membrane GRACE Preprufe 300R, on the walls and a tunnel ceiling we installed laminated membrane GRACE Bituthene 8000, and for protection against physical damage we used a drainage and protection mat Plastofol 8.