Commercial and residential building in Aida St. 9

Pärnu Centre located at Aida St. 9/7 is a 8-storied residential and commercial building in Pärnu city downtown. On the first three floors there are different trade rooms and the top five floors are for 60 apartments. Closed neto area is 14034 m2 in which 8773 m² is for commercial purposes. The architects for this centre were Vilen Künnapu and Ain Padrik, the constructor was Eston Ehitus.

Elevator and escalator shaft and floorplate waterproofing was done using GRACE Preprufe 300R rolled-on membrane. The area around armature rods and drainage pits that came through Preprufe membrane were sealed using GRACE Bituthene LM liquid membrane. KUNEX DA 24 PVC joint sealant was installed in deformation joints. Basement outer walls were waterproofed using GRACE Bituthene 4000 rolled-on membrane, the edges were sealed with GRACE Bituthene Mastic bitumen mastics. Insulation EPS120 Routa was installed on basement walls to protect the waterproofing. GRACE Preprufe 300R rolled-on membrane was used to waterproof existing formwork walls.


What we did

We fulfilled building baseplate, elevator and escalator shaft and basement walls waterproofing works using GRACE Preprufe/Bituthene systems.

What we used

GRACE Prerufe 300R
GRACE Bituthene 4000
GRACE Bituthene LM
GRACE Bituthene Mastic
EPS120 Routa 100 mm