Valga County Government

Valga County Government is situated in one of the oldest buildings that was built in the beginning of 20 century. Neo-classical building with Jugendstil elements was designed by a famous architect Wilhelm Ressler from Riga. The construction was ordered by a German bank. In the days of the Estonian Republic the building housed the successor of the former tenant – Valga loan and savings bank, in the mid 1930s Valga Ühispank also moved there. At the beginning of the Soviet period, in 1940-41 the house was allocated for the Russian military men’s flats. During 1944–1991 the building stayed at the military forces disposal, and housed a canteen on the ground floor. Valga County Government has been residing there from 1992. The building is listed as a national architectural monument.


What we did

We cured the house decay and installed waterproofing with the heat protection on different substrates.

What we used

Voids in the basement were levelled with polymeric FEB Febond SBR mixture, next we applied sealing injection from inside and outside against capillary leakage, using the acrylate gel MC-Injekt GL-93. The foundation was waterproofed with the sealing plaster Epasit dp, plus we installed the protective geotextile drainage mat ISO-DRAIN 8 Geo. We also filled voids in the sole plate walls, applied the sealing plaster Epasit dp on the sole plate lower part and applied the sanation plastering system Epasit: – adhesive plaster Epasit hb -+ sanation plaster Epasit lpf. The inside walls of the building are finished with the adhesive plaster Epasit hb and sealing plaster Epasit dp.