Sõpruse 31 Apartment Building

The house was built by Leviehitus, a developer – Sõpruse Grupp OÜ and the architect – Arhitektuuribüroo Mai Šein. The building matches the surroundings so that a 5-storey-house is left to Sõpruse Avenue side and it descends in terraces in a residential area direction. As a result a big block of flats is opened to the morning-midday sun with all its private roof gardens.To make most of this terraced house the designers planned into it the sliding windows. In hot weather the windows can be slided widely open and the rooms extended to terraces. The terraces are paved with red clay tiles; differently from concrete, they won’t accumulate cold and thus they are warmer and friendlier. The facade design includes red clay tiles with black and brown “spots” (stones used as a contrasting accent). The building was nominated to the Kultuurkapital architectural prize. The ground floor houses offices and storeys from two to five have 46 apartments. Car parking is available on the basement and partially on the ground floor level.

Through the contractor’s request we fulfilled waterproofing on the terrace.


What we did

We fulfilled waterproofing of the apartment building 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th storeys terraces using GRACE Bituthene system.

What we used

We primed the terraces substrates with Primer B2, then waterproofed with  the laminated membrane GRACE Bituthene 4000 with the upturns on walls. Overcoating – with the laminated membrane Bituthene 8000. The edges were sealed with liquid membrane GRACE Bituthene Mastic, areas around joints and anchors were sealed with liquid membrane GRACE Bituthene LM. For protection we installed heat insulation Styrofoam 250, overcoated with geotextile drainage mat ISO-DRAIN 8 Geo (PlastoDrain). Water drainage was engineered through indenting HL62, installed on the terrace.