Jüri-Mõigu junction

our viaducts are being renovated on Mõigu-Jüri road section by getting in conformity with modern standards on load capacity and height value issues. In addition, lightning systems on two of these viaducts will be renewed, noise barrier walls are going to be installed, exits will be fixed up and new bus stop areas with standard width will be constructed. The purpose of this reconstruction works is to make better connections in TEN-T network so that both local and international transit traffic will become smoother.

The client for this project was The Road Administration and the main contractor was AS Trev-2 Grupp.

During the works, two of Jüri-Mõigu junction roundabout viaducts reinforced concrete were repaired and a reinforced concrete protection cover was installed to stop further corrosion damage.


What we did

Material sales.
Works by: SRG Ehitus OÜ

What we used

MC Zentrifix KMH
MC Nafufill KM 250
MC Nafufill KM 110
MC Nafufill GTS
MC Colusal MK
MC Betonflair Uniprimer
MC EmceColor-flex E
MC EmceColor-flex S
Betosan Densocrate
MC-DUR 3502
MC-DUR 3500 A