Is a dimpled sheet for waterproofing of damp walls and ventilation


INTERPLAST ISO-DRAIN 8 MESH is a special dimpled sheet mesh. Used for moisture level regulation in basements and other sub-structures.

Installed over the damp wall dimpled sheet creates a continuous air gap behind the plaster finish. The integrated on the dimpled sheet plastic mesh ensures the efficient plaster bonding.


  • ensures continuous air circulation and permanent damp control in the wall
  • ensures excellent bonding to plaster, etc.

ISO-DRAIN® 8 MESH special accessories8mesh_2

INTERPLAST Finishing strips
Finishing strips render neat and prompt installation on various surfaces.Material: HDPE
Colour: white
Section length: 3,5 mm
Package size: 250 pcs
INTERPLAST finishing strips
Special strip provides for a neat boarder of the plaster integrated with dimpled sheet plastic mesh. The strip perforation improves the air circulation between the mat and underlying wall.Material: ABS
Colour: light beige
Length: 2,0 m
Package: 20 pcs


Find more about product on the Estonian data sheet ISO_DRAIN8_MESH.pdf and from our sales representatives.