Mahtra Bridge

Mahtra bridge is located in Rapla county, Juuru-Järlepa Road, 2,488 kilometer. The bridge is crossing river Atla.

Bridge deck is designed from mountable simple beams. Overall width of the bridge is 10,7 meters and total length is 14,2 meters. The bridge was built in 1981 and it was renovated in 2006. The main contractor on this object was AS Teede REV-2.


What we did

We fulfilled bridge repair using MC-Bauchemie systems and bridge deck waterproofing using GRACE Servidek/Servipak system.
Bridge deck was waterproofed with a liquid membrane GRACE Servidek, on which GRACE Servipak 6 mm boards were installed for protection. Bridge deformation joint in deck board side was sealed using Grace Serviseal Type B PVC-joint filler and MC Mycoflex 4000 SP joint sealant on edge pole part.
Bridges concrete surfaces were repaired with torcrete method and using Densocrete PPE TH mixture and also manually using MC Nafufill KM250 mixture.

What we used

GRACE Servidek
GRACE Servipak 6 mm
Grace Serviseal Type B
MC Mycoflex 4000 SP
Densocrete PPE TH
MC Nafufill KM 250