Rävala 19 Apartment House

This building was the biggest ever apartment house built in Tallinn by Merko Ehitus. It was finished in 2005, the architects are Jüri Okas and Marika Lõoke. The total area is 15 902 m². The pit excavation with the following erection of the building was one of the most interesting projects for us. The pit was surrounded by 13-metre sheet-piling elements and cross-supported over a hole with up to 800 mm steel pipes. The deepest excavation point next to Tatari street was 8 metres. The external work included the insulation and plastering, facade tiling, paving and curbing, building of parapets and street lightning, landscaping. We fulfilled different waterproofing works through the contractor’s request.


What we did

We installed waterproofing with the protective insulation on the zero cycle walls and the access ramp reference wall.

What we used

We used laminated membrane GRACE Bituthene 4000 for waterproofing of the reinforced concrete walls, sealed edges with liquid membrane. To protect the waterproofing we installed a protection drainage mat Plasto-Fol P8. On the access ramp reference wall we installed cold bitumene mastics Aquaseal Hyprufe and Plasto-Fol P8 protective drainage mat.