Lootsi 3A

In the year of 2005 a residential and office 7-storey building in the Y-shape appeared in Lootsi street.  The design for OÜ Lootsi Kinnisvara was performed by an architect Hanno Grosschmidt. Architecturally attractive property features the catching building materials, veneer wood and balcony parapets with printing pattern. The house location on a lot and its shape are interesting and dynamic. The designer in charge is KMG Ehituse AS. The building houses 50 one-room flats, 78 two-room, 26 three-room, 4 four-room and one 5-room flat. The ground floor is allocated for commercial floor space. We fulfilled different waterproofing works under the general contractor’s request.


What we did

We installed waterproofing with the protective insulation in the residential building basement.

What we used

For waterproofing the residential building basement bottom slab we used GRACE Preprufe 300R laminated membrane with upturns in 1 metre bottom slab gauge. The walls were primed with Primer B2 and overcoated with the laminated membrane GRACE Bituthene 4000 with overlap on Preprufe membrane. The -2 storey walls are waterproofed with drainage mat Plastofol 8 and -1 storey walls are waterproofed with 100 mm thick EPS heat insulation plates Foam 200.