Multifunctional building in Riia St. 2, in Tartu

A new multipurpose building (business and commerce areas, hotel and a spa, residential areas and parking spaces) built on one of Tartu’s old department store grounds is a big challenge due to its large scale of work and also due to its waterproofing solution. A building, with nearly a hectare of a base plate, has underground floors which reach up to 12 meters deep on Aleksandri St. side so that the natural groundwater level is 9 meters higher than the base point of the foundation.

Basement floor walls will be protected against pressurized water using Grace Preprufe 160R rolled-on membrane which in addition to its first class waterproofness is also compatible with the used pouring method – building’s walls are poured against insulation and a rigid formwork that is supported by concrete piles which together make the needed construction recess. Preprufe unique rolled-on membrane offers a good adhesion with concrete and ensures that waterproofing system stays in contact with the building for many years even when existing formwork gets damaged or shifting occurs between the building and supporting wall.

As an additional protection system in detailed wall units Cetco Waterstop RX expanding concrete joint strips, Cetco Cetflex ACF metal joint sealant, Besaplast PVC deformation joint profile and Xypex Admix concrete additive in walls were used.

Massive base plate of the building was poured using Xypex Admix concrete additive which raises watertightness. Basement plate joints were filled using Cetco Waterstop RX expansion joint strips in addition. Deformation joints that divide building into 4 parts were waterproofed with Besaplast AD 320 deformation joint profile. Hundreds of injection drilling holes that came through basement plate and water drainage pits that kept the site dry during construction work were waterproofed using Tradecc Elastoswell elastic joint tape which expands exposed to water.


What we did

A full waterproofing solution for building’s basement floors – waterproofing works for walls, adding concrete additive that raises base plate watertightness, joint strips and other concrete additives supply and installation.

What we used

GRACE Preprufe 160R
XYPEX Admix concrete additive
CETCO Cetflex ACF metal construction joint
CETCO Waterstop RX expanding concrete joint strip
CETCO Ubox fastening elements
BESAPLAST AD 320 deformation joint profile
Tradecc Elastoswell expanding rubber tape