Xypex Concentrate DS

Concrete waterproofing on the basis of concentrate_ds-pcrystallisation – applied dry-shaken on horisontal surfaces before treatment of “green” concrete with a cement-like slurry


Xypex Concentrate is the unique chemical treatment compound for waterproofing and protection of concrete. Xypex Concentrate DS1 and DS2 are specially designed mixtures dry-shaken onto fresh concrete surface prior finishing.

Xypex Concentrate DS dry powder consists of portland cement, fine treated silica sand and a set of patented compounds. Active chemicals react with moisture in fresh concrete and with by-products of cement hydration to cause the catalitic reaction which generates non-soluble crystalline formation throughout the pores and capillary tracks stopping penetration of water and other liquids into concrete in every direction.

Advantages of Xypex Concentrate DS

  • allows waterproofing of structures against negative hydrostatic pressure
  • protects concrete and reinforcement steel
  • allows concrete to breathe
  • becomes integral part of the substrate

Advantages of dry-shake applications compared to other coats
Xypex Concentrate DS1 and DS2 become integral part of the substrate and they exclude problems of conventional coats (i.e., dust, shrinkage, etc.), less costly for horisontal surfaces therefore construction scheduling is more flexible


  • car parks
  • foundation slabs
  • bridge coatings
  • water containers
  • sewage and water treatment plants
  • traffic bearing susrfaces


  • waterproof – resists up to 135 m water column (max capacity of testing device)
  • resistant to chemicals – chemicals like hydrochloric acid solution, hydrate of sodium, toluene, mineral oil, chloride in the swimming-pool water, hydraulic fluid and other chemicals do not damage the concrete
  • resistant to freezing/melting cycling – protects reinforcement from corrosion
  • resistant to irradiation – tolerant to minimum of 5.76×104 rad gamma-rays

Find more about product on the Estonian data sheet  Xypex_Concentrate_DS.pdf
and from our sales representatives.