Pärnu Environmental Education Center

Modern and resource-saving environmental education center constructed in Pärnu is unique thanks to its unconventional architecture grass roof with former wood arboretum spacious garden that together create a green oasis to the cityspace. On the first floor there are classrooms and a modern marine biology laboratory, on the second floor a conservatory rich in species, a coffee shop and an exhibition hall. In the center of the building there’s a round planetarium dome and an observatory.

The client was Pärnumaa Union of Local Authorities, the main contractor was Riverside OÜ and the designer was Salto Arhitektuuribüroo OÜ.

GRACE Preprufe 160R rolled-on membrane was used to waterproof the baseplate of the building. Supporting walls and roof ceiling was waterproofed using GRACE Bituthene 4000 rolled-on membrane. Membrane was coated with EPS insulation plates and Iso-Drain 8 Geo drainage mats with geotextile, supporting wall was covered with Iso-Drain 8 Diagonal drainage mat. Bituthene membrane edges were sealed using GRACE Bituthene Mastic. The edge of the glass facade and fastening piles coming through Preprufe membrane were sealed with GRACE Bituthene LM liquid membrane.


What we did

Waterproofing and insulating baseplate and walls in contact with the ground.

What we used

GRACE Preprufe 160R
GRACE Bituthene 4000
GRACE Bituthene LM
GRACE Bituthene Mastic
INTERPLAST Iso-Drain 8 Geo
INTERPLAST Iso-Drain 8 Diagonal
XYPEX Concentrate