Single-component water-soluble protective coating on the basis of silicone-acrylate resins

Product Characteristics
Single-component protective coating on the basis of specially formulated silicone-acrylate resin. Meets the requirements of EN 1504-2.

  • supplied in optimum consistence fit for direct application
  • has extremely low water vapor resistance
  • has enhanced carbon dioxide vapor resistance
  • generated coating film is permanently water-resistant and resistant to alkaline environment
  • permanently protects treated surfaces against aggressive effects of acid components of climate and operating media
  • applied by roller, manual coating or spraying
  • facilitates maintenance of coated surfaces

BETOSIL W is a single-component protective coating on the basis of specially formulated siliconeacrylate resin, used especially for curing concrete and reinforced concrete constructions. It proved very well for protection of appearing concrete. BBETOSIL W is intended for such particular conditions, which require both high vapor permeance (water vapor permeability) and protection of the surface against damaging climate effects. It effectively protects the treated surfaces against carbonation. It has high resistance to atmospheric conditions and effects of chemical de-icing agents. It has also good resistance to condensates with increased acidity (chemical plants, road constructions, etc.).

Physical and mechanical parameters

Requirements / results according to EN 1504-2

Testing method Requirements Results
Water vapor permeability EN ISO 7783-1 Class I < 5 m complies
Carbon dioxide permeability (m) EN 1062-6 > 50 complies
Water penetration rate in liquid stage (kg/m2h-0,5) EN 1062-3 w < 0.1 w < 0.1
Adhesive Bond (MPa) EN 1542 > 1.5 > 1.5

Physical and mechanical parameters

Color of composition RAL shades
Density (kg/m3) 1 590 ± 45
Water-tightness on concrete (l/m2) w < 0.1
Resistance to de-icing chemicals > 150
RdCO2 (m) (film thickness 100 µm) > 50
RdH2O (m) (film thickness 100 µm) < 2.0

Test certificates
Meets the requirements of EN 1504-2, annex ZA and TP ŘSD Sec. 31. and TP SSBK III.
Initial tests types according to EN 1504-2 issued by TSÚS Bratislava.
Protocol No. 1301-CPD-0257 issued by TSÚS Bratislava. Supervision of the quality system, EMS and OHSAS is carried out by Notified Body No. 1020.

Instruction for preparation and application.
Base. Any incoherent, loose or weatherworn particles and dust shall be completely removed from the surface of the repaired base. The concrete surface cannot be contaminated by substances negatively affecting adhesion to the base (fats, greases, oils, etc.). The concrete should be left to cure for at least 14 days before the application. Penetration of the surface by BETOSIL fixativ W proved well for better anchoring of the coating.

Preparation of the penetration coat. The penetration coat is properly mixed and homogenized before application itself. The coating composition does not need any further dilution, but a small amount of clear water can be mixed in properly to adjust the composition if required.

Workability. Workability of the penetration composition is unlimited. The penetration composition shall be effectively protected against desiccation
Neither temperature of the base nor temperature of ambient air shall be below +5 °C and above +30°C. Ideal temperature for application is between +10 °C and +25 °C.

Application. The first step is penetration of the base by the penetration and anchoring coat BETOSIL FIXATIV W. The penetration coat is applied preferably by a roller or, as the case may be, a brush in quantity amounting to approximately 100 – 150 g/m2 in dependence on absorbability of the base. In case of larger surfaces it proved well to apply BETOSIL FIXATIV W by spraying using some suitable airless devices.
BETOSIL W shall be applied after 24 hours. The first coating layer is evenly applied by a brush to avoid creeping of paint. The second coating layer will be applied by a roller after another 24 hours. If BETOSIL W is applied by spraying, it is practical to adjust its consistency in the amount up to 10%. Coating shouldn’t be applied in rain, strong wind or in the intense direct sunlight. Tools and contaminated places shall be immediately washed by water.

Specific consumption
Spreading capacity (specific consumption) of the BETOSIL W penetration coat amounts to 0.15 ÷ 0.20 kg/m2 in one layer in dependence on the absorbability and roughness of the base.

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