Hotel Palace

Hotel Palace’s building was built in 1937 and it was the first construction in Tallinn which was built specially for hotel business. In 1959 an additional wind of building was added to the Pärnu highway side. Building’s last full renovation took place in 1989. During renovation works in 2013-2014 this hotel with over 70 years of history got a new interior decoration, an extended conference area and additional sauna centres. There are 79 guest rooms in the hotel which are more spacious and have more elegant interior decoration that is also inspired with Estonian famous painter Konrad Mäe works. On the ground floor of the hotel there are fitness rooms, a swimming pool and a sauna centre. On the first floor there is a conference room which can accommodate up to 75 people for conferences or ceremonial banquets.

Renovated hotel architect was R. Valk Architecture Bureau and interior design was made by Vaikla Disain. The main contractor was Oma Ehitaja.

Swimming pool and techno room base plate was waterproofed with GRACE Preprufe 160R rolled-on membrane. Entrance shaft floor was waterproofed using FEB Brushcrete isolation coating. All walls were covered with Grace Bituthene 4000 membrane and its bottom and top edges were sealed with GRACE Bituthene Mastic liquid membrane. Pipe feedthroughs were sealed with GRACE Bituthene LM liquid membrane and also joints between foundation and walls were filleted. Waterproofing system was protected using Iso-Drain 8 Diagonal drainage mats.


What we did

We fulfilled swimming pool, techno room and entrance shaft waterproofing system.

What we used

GRACE Preprufe 160R
GRACE Bituthene 4000
GRACE Bituthene LM
GRACE Bituthene Mastic
FEB Brushcrete
INTERPLAST Iso-Drain 8 Diagonal