Office building in Põhja Avenue 25

During waterproofing and surface treatment works in the building, a horizontal moisture barrier was carried out on the walls. MC-Bauchemie low viscosity MC-Injekt GL-93 acrylate gel was used for this purpose.

A complex treatment work was carried out during the renovation of basement/plinth floor walls that were damaged from moisture and salts. Foundation perimeter was opened from the outside and limestone surfaces were cleaned, levelled with FEB Febond SBR polymer mixture and waterproofed with thick-bitumen mastic Epasit bdk/2k. A drainage system was created and vertical walls were covered with INTERPLAST ISO-DRAIN 8 Diagonal drainage mats. An injection method with high pressure pump was used to create a barrier for capillary moisture. A low viscosity MC Injekt GL-93 acrylate gel was used for this purpose. Epasit MineralSanoPro lpf-WTA surface treatment plaster was used on saltinated and damp interior walls with Epasit hb adhesive layer.


What we did

We fulfilled a horizontal moisture barrier for ground water capillary rise inside the masonry using injection method.
We carried out interior and exterior waterproofing and surface treatment works in this building.

What we used

FEB Febond SBR
EPASIT bdk/2k
ISO-DRAIN 8 Diagonal
MC Injekt GL-93