Tondi Tennis Centre car park

Tondi Tennis Centre has been operating since November 2008. In spring 2009 it got apart from the successful partners a new name – Tere Tennisekeskus that has become a modern free-time activities complex offering the facilities both for top sportsmen and amateurs for doing sport and enjoying great free time. Tere Tennisekeskus houses the high-quality standard corresponding tennis courts: 7 outdoor courts with clay sand and 7 green-set indoor courts. An architect Kairi Kirt-Ende, a constructor Merko Ehituse AS.

The contractor ordered with our company different waterproofing works.


What we did

We fulfilled waterproofing of Tondi tennis centre technical basement, VIP Spa and car park.

What we used

Under the flooring we installed the laminated membrane GRACE Preprufe 300R and on the walls – the laminated membrane GRACE Bituthene 4000. The areas around the laminated membrane edges and joints were sealed with liquid membrane GRACE Bituthene LM. For protection of technical basement walls we applied the heat insulation Styrofoam 250 100 mm and drainage mat PlastoDrain. The cold walls of the car park were only waterproofed with PlastoDrain.