Koluvere stone bridge

Stone bridge located at Ollimäe-Koluvere highway’s 5,9 km is an historical connection road from Koluvere mansion and distillery right across the river. This three slot arch bridge is under a protection of cultural heritage foundation and its exact time of construction is not known, but it was definitely there in 1827.

To improve bridge load capacity, a hidden reinforced plate bridge leaning on micro piles was installed inside the stone bridge in the summer of 2014. GRACE Servidek liquid membrane was used to waterproof bridge deck surface and it was covered with GRACE Servipak 6mm protection boards for additional protection. Hot asphalt was installed directly to protection boards.

BESAPLAST Nitriflex FA 90 joint filler and MC Mycoflex 4000VE joint sealant were used to seal the joints.

The client in this case was The Road Administration, design by EA Reng AS, main contractor Lemminkäinen Estonia AS.


What we did

Materials sales.
Works: Lihula Maaparandus AS

What we used

GRACE Servidek
GRACE Servipak 6mm
BESAPLAST Nitriflex FA 90
MC Mycoflex 4000VE