Bituthene Liquid Membrane

Two component elasthomeric liquid membrane for use with Bituthene or Preprufe laminated membrane


  • liquid installation – follows irregular forms
  • waterpoof – steam and pressure resistant
  • rubbery strength – flexible  and damage resistant
  • jointless – continious membrane
  • petrifying – not affected by temperature falls
  • cold application – fireproof
  • suitable for Bituthene® – completes Bituthene® insulation


Bituthene® Liquid Membrane has been developed to complete Grace Servicised® laminated membrane systems in places where it is necessary to install liquid hydroinsulation to ensure waterproof continuity. Bituthene® Liquid Membrane pertrifies into rubbery liquid membrane.

Among ordinary Bituthene® applications of liquid membrane there is hydro-insulation of distorted, irregular or stepped profiles, penetrations in piles, internal angles, pipes, grooves, etc. Bituthene® Liquid Membrane two components are mixed in-situ and applied with a trowel.