Vohnja Mansion

Vohnja Mansion

Vohja Mansion classicist one-storied main building was built in 1820 – 1830. Since 1993 this manor house has been a kindergarten-elementary school. In autumn 2014 outer walls of the plinth were redeveloped. Buildings perimeter got dug open, plinth walls were cleaned, levelled and waterproofed using EPASIT MinerDicht sperr watertight plaster. Wall surfaces connected with the ground were covered using protective mats. The part of the plinth higher from the ground was covered with a layer of EPASIT MineralSanoPro hb adhesive and plastered with EPASIT MineralSanoPro lpf redeveloping plaster. The plinth was painted using EPASIT spf. Unfortunately a paving strip was not installed on the perimeter of the entire building which would have been protecting the freshly painted plinth from rain and dirt splashes.

The contracting authority for this project was Kadrina Vallavalitsus (Kadrina Parish Government), the main contractor: Oto Ehitus OÜ.


What we did

Materials sales. The works were perfomed by Novahouse Baltic OÜ.

What we used

EPASIT MinerDicht sperr
EPASIT MineralSanoPro hb
EPASIT MineralSanoPro lpf