Water reservoir in chemical water treatment station In Kiviõli Chemical Industry

Preparation works included emptying the water reservoir from sediment, dismantling damaged entrance shaft concrete elements and concreting new ones. Preparation works also included removing old surface layers from the floor, walls, ceiling and posts and after cleaning the surfaces using sandblasting method. Exposed armature was protected from corrosion using MC Zentrifix KMH corrosion protection coating. Concrete surface on damaged areas was repaired with MC Nafufill KM 250 concrete repair mixture. In the last phase the surfaces of the reservoir were covered using MC RIM Protect chemical and water resistant mineral waterproofing system which was applied in thick layer.

The client was KKT Oil AS.


What we did

We carried out renovation and waterproofing works for water reservoir.

What we used

MC Zentrifix KMH
MC Nafufill KM 250
MC RIM Protect
MC RIM Protect H
MC RIM Protect BC
Sakret SPB Denso
XYPEX Patch&Plug