Smarten Logistics Centre fire extinction basin

AS Smarten Logistics is the biggest third party logistics provider (3PL) in Estonia, having a large customer database, including manufacturers, distributors and retail businesses. Since the year of 2006 it has been operating in a new and modern warehouse, which has a gross area of more than 20 000 square metres, located in Harju County, Rae parish, Uus-Suti land unit. A design by an architectural bureau Raivo Puusepp.


What we did

We fulfilled the inside and outside waterproofing of the extinction water basin attached to the logistics centre warehouse- and office building.

What we used

We waterproofed the walls, flooring and posts with XYPEX Concentrate, cured with Gamma Cure. To protect against condensate water coated ceilings with XYPEX Modified. The walls and ceilings were insulated outside too. The concrete ceiling was primed with Primer B2 and waterproofed with self-adhesive laminated membrane GRACE Bituthene 4000. For the walls waterproofing we used rubber bitumene mastics FEB Aquaseal Hyprufe. For the concrete ceiling protection we installed Styrofoam 250 SL-AN 100 mm insulation, on the walls, within 1m, EPS 100 insulation 100mm thick. The wall parts without insulataion were coated with drainage and protection mat Plasto-Fol P8.