Novira Plaza

Novira Plaza is located in one of the most prestigious business areas. There are modern and exclusive office rooms and luxurious apartments designed to this 15-storied high-rise building in which you can find great views to the city and to the sea.


What we did

Hauff-Technik wall sleeves HSI 150 were installed to the walls for watertight cable entries and Hauff-Technik wall sleeves ZRV for watertight pipe entries. Hauff-Technik HRD rubber compression seals and Hauff-Technik HSI cable seals were used to seal cable watertightly, Hauff-Technik HSD rubber compression seals were used on pipe penetrations.

What we used

HAUFF-TECHNIK cable entry system HSI-150
HAUFF-TECHNIK cable seals HRD and HSI
HAUFF-TECHNIK pipe sleeves ZRV