Valga County Government

This is one of the oldest buildings in Valga town, which was built in the beginning of 20 century. This neo-classical building with Jugendstil elements was designed by a famous architect Wilhelm Ressler from Riga. The construction was ordered by a German bank. In the days of the Estonian Republic the building housed the successor of the former tenant – Valga loan and savings bank, in the mid 1930s Valga Union Bank also moved there. At the beginning of the Soviet period, in 1940-41 the house was allocated for the Russian military men’s flats. During 1944–1991 the building stayed at the military forces disposal, and housed a canteen on the ground floor. Valga County Government has been residing there from 1992. The building is listed as a national architectural monument.


What we did

The cure works of Valga County Government building on the street side also included the masonry horizontal waterstop using injection method. As the building brick masonry was thick, the works were fulfilled both from the inside and the outside.

What we used

We used MC-Bauchemie low viscous acrylic gel MC-Injekt GL-93 and injection devices (2-component pump, injection steel nozzles) from Desoi firm.