Grace Construction Products Ltd is one of the worldwide leaders in manufacture of structural chemistry and building material industry, with steady approximate 2,5 billion revenue and 155-year-old history. The parent company is located in the USA and offices are found in more than 70 counties. British office (founded in 1960) plus English (Serviced®), French (Pieri®) and German (Betec®) plants together service Europe. Grace Construction Products offers a wide range of innovative structural chemistry products and building materials: concrete supplements and fibers, pigments for coloured concrete, concrete bricks and blocks, air and steam barriers, roof bottom decks, self-adhesive tapes for windows and doors, construction waterproofing materials and fire-proof materials.

In case of building structures waterproofing solistic solutions have been developed with laminated membrane Preprufe®/Bituthene® system and Procor® liquid membrane system that may be completed with various solutions of structural units and joint strips poured into monolithic concrete. For bridge decks hydro-insulation Grace offer holistic solution system Servidek®/Servipak® combined with various deformation joints elements.


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