Hydrophobic agent

Product Characteristics
One-component water micro-emulsion of a silicon resin without organic diluent. Meets the requirements of EN 1504-2.

  • eco-friendly, water soluble
  • supplied in optimum consistence, fit for direct application
  • has no influence on vapor permeability of treated materials
  • significantly decreases absorbability of treated surface
  • significantly increases atmospheric and chemical resistance of treated surface
  • significantly increases frost resistance of treated surface

FOBISIL extra W is a single-component water micro-emulsion on the basis of silane and siloxane without organic diluents. Especially intended for hydrophobization and treatment of concrete and reinforced concrete, also for treatment of natural or synthetic stone, sandstone, facings in exterior as well as in interior. Agent has significant penetration ability, hydro-phobic effect is permanent.

Physical and mechanical parameters

Requirements / results according to EN 1504-2

Testing method Requirements Results
Penetration depth Cube with 100 mm sides C (0.7). After impregnation and curing for 28 days the cube is split and the depth of dry layer is a penetration depth Class I < 10 mm
Water absorption and hydrophobic impregnations resistance to alkalis. EN 13580 Absorption ratio <7,5% compared to non-impregnated element complies
Absorption ratio (after immersion in alkaline solution) <10% complies
Hydrophobic impregnation drying rate EN 13579 Class I > 30% Class I > 30%
Class I > 10%

Physical and mechanical parameters

Color milky white
Content of non-volatile substances (%) 1020 ± 25
Diffusion resistance to water vapor RdH2O (m) < 0.005
Water impermeability 120 min (l/m2) 0.0

Test certificates
Meets the requirements of EN 1504-2, annex ZA and TP ŘSD Sec. 31. and TP SSBK III.
Initial tests types according to EN 1504-2, Protocol No. 010-017161 issued by TZÚS Praha
Supervision of the quality system, EMS and OHSAS is carried out by Notified Body No. 1020.

Instruction for preparation and application
Base preparation Surface must be clean, dry and dust free (dust must be removed by an industrial vacuum cleaner).

Application of solution. The solution is applied by spraying or by a roller or, possibly, a brush usually in two layers, in the amount which the treated surface is able to absorb. The goal is not to create a coat on top of the surface, rather penetration of the agent into the maximum depth. Second layer should be applied onto moist first layer (moist to moist), the first layer should not dry out.
Treated surface must be protected from rain and direct sunlight for at least 6 hours. In case of rain the treated surface should be covered.

Neither temperature of the base nor temperature of ambient air shall be below + 5 °C and above + 30 °C. At the temperatures higher than +25ºC the diluent evaporates quicker and therefore the ability of penetration to the deeper parts of the surface is lower. Tools and equipment can be cleaned with water.

Specific consumption The spreading capacity (specific consumption) of the FOBISIL extra W amounts depending on the absorbability of the surface to 0.04 ÷ 0.25 l/m2.

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