Tondi Viaduct

In 2005 the Tondi Street in Tallinn was rebuilt. During the reconstruction a completely new road was built, at the same time of building a new foundation for the road the underground systems and street lighting were also renewed. The reconstructed Tondi Street has four roundabouts to make the traffic smoother and a pedestrian tunnel near the Audentes School. The preparations for the 1,2 km long Tondi Street construction started before Christmas 2004. The total cost of the construction was 36,5 million kroons. Construction project was done by K-Projekt and the construction contractor was AS Talter. At the commission of the main contractor we carried out various renovation and hydro-insulation works of the reinforced concrete of the viaduct.


What we did

In the proces of the extension of the Tondi Street a pedestrian tunnel was constructed the hydro-insulation of which was carried out by us.

What we used

For the hydro-insulation of the bridge deck we installed on the horisontal surface the liquid membrane GRACE Servidek together with GRACE Servipak 6mm protection boards. On the upward bends the roll membrane GRACE Bituthene 4000 was installed. The buttresses were impregnated with the watery hydrophobic agent MC Emcephob WM.