Water proofing and anti-radon slurry coating fit for direct contact with potable water

Product Characteristics
Two-component permanently elastic water proofing material consisting of dry component on inorganic basis and water-soluble modified polymer dispersion. Meets the requirements of EN 14891.

  • supplied in specified rate of components, has very good workability
  • can be applied on damp surfaces, has perfect adhesion to base
  • permanently resistant against high water pressure
  • highly elastic; facilitates bridging of any, even movable, crack
  • resistant against combined impact of frost and spreading salt
  • resistant against permanent exposure to acid solutions up to pH 1.5 and alkaline solutions up to pH 13.0
  • creates efficient barrier against radon penetration
  • as required by Act No. 258/2000 Coll. and Ministry of Health Decree No. 409/2005 Coll. is eligible for direct contact with potable water

WATERFIN PV is a two-component permanently elastic polymer cement sealing suspension intended for water proofing of various concrete and reinforced concrete construction elements. It is used for surface sealing of concrete constructions in hydro-technical and water works and as sealing layer under tile covering or another floor finishes in bathrooms, pools and water tanks. Further finds use as a sealing layer on coherent lime plaster, masonry made of porous concrete panels, or the bricks, plasterboard and other tolerable surfaces. It is also suitable as a safety waterproofing under ceramic tiles or walk-able layer in bathrooms, swimming pools, water tanks and other structures. It has good adhesion to metal bases, which are protected by its alkalinity against start-up of corrosive processes. It can be used as permanently efficient anti-radon protection. It can be also used as coating of drinking water piping. The coating with WATERFIN PV cannot be considered as aesthetic surfacing.

Physical and mechanical parameters

Requirements / results according to EN 14891

Testing method Requirements Results
Adhesion to base (MPa) initial EN 14891 > 0.5 > 1.6
after contact with water EN 14891 > 0.5 > 1.2
after aging in heat EN 14891 > 0.5 > 1.5
after de-icing cycles EN 14891 > 0.5 > 1.1
after contact with limewater EN 14891 > 0.5 > 1.1
Water tightness EN 14891 no penetration without leakage
Crack-bridging ability under normal conditions EN 14891 > 0.75 > 1 mm

Physical and mechanical parameters

Color dry component Non-standard grey / white
liquid component
Color of coating **) grey / white
Bulk density of dry component (kg/m3) 1550 ± 50
Minimum film-generating temperature of liquid component > 1°C
Tensile strength (MPa) > 1×5
Yield ability (%) > 30
Vapor resistance RDH20 (m) < 4
Water tightness (under both negative and positive effect of water pressure) > 8 bars (80 m water column)
Coefficient of radon D diffusion (m2/s) *) 9.4×10-12 ±0.5×10-12
*)Comparable vaporresistance as e.g. vaporresistance of PENEFOL LITHOPLAST 20 foil made of high density polyethylene.
**) In case of larger surfaces color unevenness can occur in dependence on absorbance of the base.

Test certificates
Meets the requirements of EN 14891, annex ZA.
Initial type testing according to EN 14891 issued by TSÚS Bratislava.
Supervision of the quality system, EMS and OHSAS is carried out by Notified Body No. 1020

Instruction for preparation and application
Base. Any incoherent, loose, weatherworn or otherwise visibly damaged concrete shall be completely removed from the base surface. The concrete surface cannot be contaminated by substances negatively effecting adhesion to the base (fats, greases, oils, etc.). The concrete surface can not at all be covered with dust. Caverns and other surface damages, if any, shall be filled with the repair mortar MONOCRETE PPE TH. The base shall be penetrated with DENSOCRETE 222 diluted in the ratio approximately 1:5 in dependence on the absorbance of the base. In case of exterior application, the underlying layers shall be freeze-thaw resistant

Preparation of waterproofing coating. WATERFIN PV is supplied in specified rate of dry and liquid components which amounts to 2.8 : 1 weight ratio. The preparation itself is as follows: the appropriateate quantity of the dry component is gradually added to the constantly stirred liquid component until mushy consistency fit for application is reached. Depending on used application method or use up to 10% of water can be added. The mixture shall be perfectly homogenized in case of additional thinning of the coating.
Workability is max. 60 minutes at 20°C and relative humidity 50-70 %. The prepared composition shall be suitably protected against desiccation.

Neither temperature of the base nor temperature of ambient air shall be below + 5 °C and above + 30 °C.

Water proofing coating is applied by a brush or roller coating in two or three layers at least. Layers should be applied crosswise (brush strokes would be superposed). The second and third layer can be applied after setting of the previous one i.e. approximately after 24 hours. The coating exposed to pressure water shall be at least 1.5 mm thick. Minimal thickness 1 mm can be used in other cases. In corner, edge or base dilatation areas, it is necessary to insert sealing strip WATERFIN TP into wet coating.

Specific consumption
Specific consumption of the water proofing coating amounts to 1.6 ÷ 2.0 kg/m2 at 1 mm layer thickness, in dependence on the surface roughness and absorbance.

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