Tihniku Viaduct

Tihniku viaduct is a reinforced concrete bridge in the Nõmme district of Tallinn on the verge of Pääsküla, Vana-Mustamäe and Hiiu quarters. The viaduct crosses the former Hiiu – Harku quarry railway. Due to the danger of cracking up the full-scale renovation of the viaduct was undertaken which was completed in 2005. The work was commissioned by the Tallinn Municipal Engineering Services Department, project by K-Projekt AS, main contractor AS Teede Rev 2.

At the commission of the main contractor we carried out various renovation and hydro-insulation works of the viaduct’s reinforced concrete.


What we did

The Tihniku viaduct was in a dangerous state before the renovation. The main contractor AS Teede REV 2 partially changed the girders of the bridge. As a technical innovation we joined the new girders with the the old ones using mineral cement suspension injected under pressure. The reminder of the construction (bridge pillars, levels and beams) were thoroughly renovated using the dry torcrete method.

What we used

The bridge deck was hydro-insulated with the liquid membrane GRACE Servidek, on top of which the GRACE Servipak 6mm protection boards were placed. In the contraction joints (3 in total) we used the GRACE Serviseal Type B waterstop system. The beams on the edges of the bridge were impregnated with MC Emcephob WM. The pillars of the bridge were renovated using the Betosan Densocrete PPE TH admixture concentrate. To slow the corrosion process the FEB Bruscrete protective cover was installed on the reinforced concrete surface.