Complex admixture (concentrate) for mortar and concrete

Product features
Single component powder, containing milled and fractioned carbonated filling, swelling admixtures, redispergative polymers, polypropylene fibers (PP-fiber), thixotropic admixtures and other active components.

  • Greatly improves mortar and concrete.
  • Significantly decreasse settling of mixture.
  • Decreases mortar spreadability after application.
  • Mortar obtains high bond to concrete and reinforcement.
  • Effective decrease in creation of shrinkage cracks.
  • Increased frost-resistance of applied mortar.
  • Increased wateproofing of applied mortar.

DENSOCRETE PPE TH is a complex premix for mortar and concrete, that may be used in ceilings and vertical surfaces. Improves waterproofing of repair mortar and reinforced concrete structures. Conventional dose rate up to 240 kg/m³.

Find more about product on the Estonian data sheet Betosan_Densocrete_PPE_TH.pdf and from our sales representatives.