Two-component moisture tolerant protective coating on the basis of epoxy resins

Product Characteristics
Two-component protective coating on the basis of specially formulated epoxy resins. Meets the requirements of EN 1504-2.

  • upplied in specified rate of particular components; no weighting in-situ is needed
  • as a high water vapor and carbon dioxide penetration resistance
  • generated coating film is permanently water-resistant and resistant to alkaline environment
  • permanently protects concrete against aggressive effects of acid components of atmosphere and operating media
  • tolerates higher substrate and ambient atmosphere moistness
  • facilitates the maintenance of treated surfaces

BETOFIX SW is two-component coating composition on the basis of specially formulated epoxy resins, which is intended especially for protective coating of concrete and reinforced concrete structures exposed to enhanced corrosive load of both components of ambient air and operating media effecting the structure. Meets the requirements of EN 1504-2, annex ZA and TP ŘSD Sec. 31. In combination with BETOLIT KP W penetration coating the composition is intended for application on young concrete with higher residual moisture content. BETOFIX SW is designed especially for such operating conditions where a high water vapor permeability resistance (water vapor impermeability) is required and also where concrete and reinforced concrete in particular must be efficiently protected against carbonation (effects of carbon dioxide). BETOFIX SW has a long-term resistance to effects of organic solvents, permanent resistance to petrol, diesel, inorganic oxidizing agents, salt solutions, dilute organic acids and alkaline solutions.

Physical and mechanical parameters

Requirements / results according to EN 1504-2

Property Testing method Declared value or class Results
Water penetration rate in liquid stage (kg/m2h-0,5) EN 1062-3 w < 0.1 < 0.1
Adhesive Bond (MPa) EN 1542 > 1.5 > 2.0
Carbon dioxide permeability (m) EN 1062-6 SD > 50 290
Water vapor permeability (m) EN ISO 7783-1 5 < SD < 50 10

Physical and mechanical parameters

Color of composition RAL shades
Density under 20 °C (kg/m3) 1 175±25
Viscosity under 20 °C (mPas) 2 600±350
Workability of composition < 2 hours
Drying-out under 20 °C stage 1 2-3 hours
stage 5 6-12 hours
Adhesion to base (after hardening for 72 hours under 20 °C) (MPa) > 2.0

Test certificates
Meets the requirements of EN 1504-2, annex ZA and TP ŘSD Sec. 31.
Initial tests types according to EN 1504-2 issued by TZÚS Prague.
Supervision of the quality system, EMS and OHSAS is carried out by Notified Body No. 1020.

Instruction for preparation and application.
Base. Any incoherent, loose or weatherworn particles shall be removed from the surface of the base. The surface cannot be contaminated by substances negatively effecting adhesion of the coat to the base (fats, greases, oils, etc.). Tensile strength of surface layers of the base shall be 1.5MPa at least. Corroded reinforcement and visibly damaged concrete shall be properly repaired. When the composition is applied, the new concrete shall be 7 days old at least and moisture of the base should not exceed 6%.
This composition is prepared by proper mixing of components A and B in specified rate. The mixing rate is the following:

Component A (weight parts) Component B (weight parts)

Components A and B are mixed in a sufficiently voluminous vessel by an electrically driven propeller agitator.

Workability. Workability of prepared composition ranges about 30 minutes under 20°C. The prepared composition shall be efficiently protected against desiccation.
Neither temperature of the base nor temperature of ambient air shall be below +10 °C and above +30 °C.

Application of the coat. The first step is penetration of the base by the penetration and anchoring coat BETOLIT KP W. Penetration is applied preferably by a roller or, possibly, a brush in quantity amounting to 100 – 150 g/m2 in dependence on absorbance of the base. In case of larger surfaces it is practical to apply BETOLIT KP W by spraying using some convenient airless devices.
After 24 hours BETOFIX SW is applied by a roller or, possibly, by a brush in quantity amounting to approximately 200 g/m2 per one layer. If BETOFIX SW is applied by spraying, it is practical to adjust its consistency by the diluent BETOFIX R in quantity up to 10%.

Open time. After mixing two components together so called open time of the penetration and the coating is max. 30 minutes under 20 ºC. Please notice that the open time significantly shortens with rising temperature.

Specific consumption
Spreading capacity (specific consumption) of BETOFIX SW amounts to 0.2 ÷ 0.25 kg/m2 per one layer on dependence on roughness of the base. This spreading capacity ensures that the hardened film is approximately 120 – 150 µm thick.

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