Powder mortar plasticiser, forms air-bubble pores in concrete

Desription of product  febmix_dh
FEBMIX DH is a powder mortar plasticiser for use as an alternative to lime or as a supplement to lime. Matches BS 4887.


For use as an admixture for mortars to improve their workability; will entrain up to 20% air bubbles into mortars in ordered structure optimising mixture ratio both for brick laying and plastering.

FEBMIX DH improves frost resistance in both freshly laid and hardened mortars; also enchances long-term durability of cement-sand and cement-sand-lime mortars and improves mortar workability (reference BS 5628 UK).

Features and benefits

  • Economical:
    – reduced labour costs,
    – redused wastage,
    – more accurate ratio of mixture.
  • Helps reduce efflorescence.
  • Reduced bleed and segregation in the mix.
  • Improved bond.
  • Reduced shrinkage when hardened.

Technical data/typical properties

FEBMIX DH entrains microscopic air bubbles into mortars in a controlled manner as specified in BS 4887 (UK).

Mixtures with entrained air produce better workability, whereas amount of mixed water is reduced. FEBMIX DH also improves durability cold applied – both fresh and dry and hardened mortars as microscopic air bubbles provide space for water expansion due to freezing.

Find more about product on the Estonian data sheet Febmix_DH.pdf and from our sales representatives.