Rotermanni 5 / Roseni 10

This is an office and residential building, situated in the heart of Tallinn in the historical Rotermann’s quarter, where in the year of 2007 a new shopping and residential complex was built. This is one of the city’s most attractive quarters, where the old industrial buildings, which have been revitalised, and the modern architecture stand side by side. The contractor – Pro Kapital Grupp AS and constructor KMG Ehitus.


What we did

We fulfilled waterproofing and heat insulation of Rotermanni 5 / Roseni 10 office and residential building turned roofs.

What we used

We rounded building and roof connecting angles with liquid membrane GRACE Bituthene LM. Garret floors were primed with Primer B2, next we installed the laminated membrane GRACE Bituthene 4000. Then we overcoated it with the laminated membrane GRACE Bituthene 8000. The laminated membrane edges were sealed with liquid membrane GRACE Bituthene Mastic (upper) /Bituthene LM (lower), areas around joints were sealed with liquid membrane Bituthene LM. For protection we installed the stranded heat insulation plates XPS ISOVER Styrofoam 400BS-AN 100mm. Next, we installed geotextile drainage protection mat Plasto-Drain (ISO-DRAIN 8 Geo). Water drainage is engineered through the heated indenting system HL 62, collecting water from several planes.