Drainage and protective sheet for elastic waterproofing



  1. Elastic waterproofing for foundation wall to be protected against stones, sharp-edged debris, etc
  2. A slip film, allows dimple sheet to move in response to backfill settlement, avoiding damage to waterproofing
  3. ISO-DRAIN 10 with 8 mm high dimples has been specially designed to provide great hydrostatic resistance and excellent drainage
  4. Geotextile mat filters out the soil particles, to prevent obstruction of air gap between dimples, ensuring the controlled drainage performance

Benefits: geoplus_22en

  • allows movement of dimple sheet to allow settlement
  • protects waterproofing from physical damage
  • rapid installation of all three layers in one operation
  • durable
  • ensures controlled drainage
  • close dimples spacing (approx. 1860 pcs/m²)
  • provides high compressive strength (250 kN/m²)
  • 8 mm high dimples provide ample drainage capacity

Find more about product on the Estonian data sheet ISO_DRAIN8_GEO_PLUS.pdf and from our sales representatives.