Tartu Riia Street Railway Viaduct

Situated in the city of Tartu the railway viaduct crosses the Riia Street. In 2008 at the commission of Estonian Railways Ltd the renovation was carried out by the company K-Most Ltd. On the city centre side of the Riia Street railway viaduct new bitumen rubber hydro-insulation was installed, new cement was laid on top of which an insulation layer was installed, which was finally covered with gravel. The railway tracks were also welded together. The other side of the bridge was renovated in the same manner two years ago. The construction of a noise barrier near the bridge is postponed at the moment.

At the commission of the main contractor we carried out various renovation and hydro-insulation works of the reinforced concrete of the viaduct.


What we did

On the Riia Street railway viaduct in Tartu we carried out the hydro-insulation of one side of the viaduct. The whole renovation cycle took only 3 days! Starting with the cancellation of the railway service and the removal of the ballast and ending with the restoration of the railway and reopening the service. The hydro-insulation was installed on deck laid out in fast setting concrete right after the concrete had started to set.

What we used

For the hydro-insulation of the bridge deck we used the liquid membrane GRACE Servidek with GRACE Servipak 12 mm protection boards. In the contraction joints we installed the externally cast PVC joint band GRACE Serviseal Type B.