Single-component insulation spread system on MS polymer basis for horizontal surfaces

Product Characteristics
Single-component insulation spread material based on MS polymers for permanent hydro-insulation against ground moisture and pressurized water

  • supplied as single-component, solvent-free
  • ready for direct application
  • does not require base priming
  • hygienic, eco-friendly
  • watertight
  • permanently frost-resistant
  • perfect adhesion to concrete base

WODAFLEX LQ is a single-component permanently flexible, hydro-insulation spread based on MS polymers intended for hydro-insulation of various concrete and reinforced concrete structural elements. It designed for sealing of concrete structures surfaces in hydro technical structures, water treatment industry and so on. It can be used for coating of reservoirs or water pipes. It can be also used as a hydro-insulation layer on cohesive lime-cement plasters, masonry built of aeroconcrete blocks, burnt brick or plasterboard and other cohesive substrates. It is suitable for sealing of asphalt strips and coverings. Material also proves well in hydro-insulation applications in permanent contact with soil, like cellars, structures foundations, basement-less buildings and joints of pipes passages. Another area of WODAFLEX LQ use is repair work on flat roofs, like connections between roof and chimneys, roof-lights and flashing. Material can be as well used for sealing of joints between concrete prefabricates

Physical and mechanical parameters

Chemical resistance: WODAFLEX LQ resists well to many chemicals. Resistance to specific chemical needs to be checked with the manufacturer

Bulk density 1 560 ± 20 kg/m3

non-standard light grey
Absorbability (%) 0
Drying out time between coat layers under 20 °C (hours) ~ 4
Water-tightness (under positive water pressure) > 8 bars (80 m of water column)

Test certificates
The product is certified according to Act 22/1997 and Governmental Decree No. 312/2005 Coll. Continuous independent quality control is provided by accredited testing laboratory No. 095/2002, Horský s.r.o.
Supervision of the quality system, EMS and OHSAS is carried out by Notified Body No. 1020

Instruction for preparation and application
Base. Any incoherent, loose, weatherworn or otherwise visibly damaged concrete shall be completely removed from the base surface. The concrete surface cannot be contaminated by substances negatively effecting adhesion to the base (fats, greases, oils, etc.). If the substrate is soiled with asphalt, bitumen or tar or the screed is to be applied on asphalt stripes, it is necessary to apply primer coating using WODAFLEX KP. This material is suitable even for very absorptive surfaces.

Workability. WODAFLEX LQ is supplied ready for direct application. Material reacts with air humidity and therefore it is necessary to use up the material in 120 minutes from opening of the packaging.

Neither temperature of the base nor temperature of ambient air shall be below + 5 °C and above + 35 °C.

Application of the spread. The spread is applied on the base evenly using velour roller with short hair. Total consumption of the material is approximately 1.2 ÷ 1.5 kg/m2. First layer must be sufficiently set prior to application of second layer (4 hours, at 20 °C, and RH > 65%). Screed can be applied by brush or asphalt broom in tight corners or larger surfaces.
In case of hydro-insulation of structures exposed to non-pressurized water, it is recommended to strengthen the spread with a glass fabric in the connection between walls and horizontal surfaces. The glass fabric should have minimum weight of 110 g/m2 and openings of 4×4 mm into first layer. In case of hydro-insulation of structures exposed to pressurized water, it is recommended to strengthen the screed with glass fabric in entire area.

Curing time. The spread can be fully loaded after 24 hours under 20 °C

Tools cleaning. Tools must be cleaned immediately upon end of work. Cured material can be cleaned off only by mechanical means.
Warning. After opening of the original packaging, it is necessary to use up the material or remainder of the material seal air-tightly.

Specific consumption
Specific consumption of the water proofing coating WODAFLEX LQ amounts to 1.2 ÷ 1.5 kg/m2 in two layers coat. This consumption yields layer thickness of approximately 1.0 mm

More info on the product page
WODAFLEX LQ (pdf, 0.4 MB)