Hotel Euroopa

A 4-star hotel Euroopa opened its doors in May 2007. Situated in direct vicinity to Admiraliteedi basin in Rotermann’s quarter, which is managed by AS Vallikraavi Kinnisvara, it joined the international hotel chain Choice Hotels in March 2008 and got a name Clarion Hotel Europa. A contract on the hotel, built on Paadi 5 premises, was ordered by AS C.H.P, a constructor AS Ehitusfirma Rand ja Tuulberg. The contractor ordered waterproofing works with us.


What we did

We installed waterproofing with heat insulation on the basement walls.

What we used

The sub-structure slab and basement walls waterproofing was fulfilled with GRACE Preprufe/Bituthene system. The substructure slab was insulated with the laminated membrane GRACE Preprufe 300R with upturnings through the bottom slab gauge. The walls primed with Primer B2 and laminaited membrane GRACE Bituthene 4000 with Preprufe coating were installed. The membrane edges were sealed with liquid membrane. To prevent damage of waterproofing, we installed Styrofoam insulation on the walls.