Uncoupling underlay for tile floors


  1. Tile floor finish
  2. Elastic mix for tile finishing
  3. Plastic mesh for adhesion of the dimpled sheet and applied underlay mix
  4. Dimpled sheet ISO-DRAIN 3
  5. Polypropylene geotextile
  6. Underlay tile finishing mix for adhesion of geotextile and the substrate
  7. Floor

INTERPLAST ISO-DRAIN 3 GEO MESH is designed as uncoupling underlay for tiling floor finishing. Plastic mesh ISO-DRAIN 3 GEO MESH, applied onto the dimpled sheet, ensures adhesion of underlay mix. The new dimple geometry provides increased compressive strength and improved adhesive penetration for fast and easy installation.

Application benefits:

  • bridges substrate cracking, prevents crack propagation to the tiles above
  • distributes and reduces local compressive stress
  • protects the floor finish from moisture migration
  • adhesive penetration in mesh creates solid interlocking bond between tiles and underlay
  • dimples crown design permits fast filling by adhesive mix with no voids


ISO-DRAIN 3 SEALING STRIP (120 mm wide) is recommended for sealing joints in-situ.

Find more about product on the Estonian data sheet ISO_DRAIN3_GEO_MESH.pdf and from our sales representatives.