Narva-Jõesuu Resort terraces

Narva-Jõesuu became a popular summer holiday destination in Estonia for Estonian, Petersburg and Moscow nobles as long ago as the beginning of 19 century. Meresuu Spa & Hotel locates in a picturesque area, in one of the oldest Estonian resorts of Narva-Jõesuu. It is not more than 200 kilometres from Tallinn, 13 kilometres from Narva and only 155 kilometres from St-Peterburg. The Spa hotel was reopened in June 2008 (a celebratory opening took place in August, the same year).

The construction cost 200 mln Estonian kroons. Meresuu Spa & Hotel boasts 109 environmentally friendly rooms, with a cleverly detailed interior. The northen-stylish warm and quiet environment, with every need taken into consideration, helps relax and make yourself at home. The whole hotel and entertainment complex is built and equipped at the 4-star level. In the year of 2008 Meresuu Spa&Hotel was awarded a title of the best tourism object. The hotel owners are members of the board of Egeria Kinnisvara OÜ Aare Kööp and Rene Kuulmann.


What we did

We fulfilled waterproofing on the resort nine terraces using GRACE Bituthene system.

What we used

The angle between terrace and wall and vertical angles were rounded with liquid membrane GRACE Bituthene LM. Next we primed terrace surface with Primer B2 and waterproofed with the laminated membrane GRACE Bituthene 8000, after that fulfilled upturns of necessary height to the walls. The laminated membrane edges were sealed with liquid membrane GRACE Bituthene Mastic. Areas around joints were sealed with liquid membrane GRACE Bituthene LM. For protection we used XPS insulation. Prior paving with tiles the terraces were waterproofed with two-component  rendering materials IZOLEX Cemizol 2EP and the upturns of necessary height to the walls were fulfilled. For the angle sealing we used angle elements and angle strip IZOLEX 120/70.