21 Secondary School excavation pit

Tallinn 21 Secondary School has its roots in the beginning of 20 century. Tallinn II public junior school started in the year of 1903 in  Poska street 6A, in 1917 the school was renamed into Tallinn 21 Junior School. As it was a single school in its district, it felt more and more a lack of rooms. At last it grew so large that the town decided to undertake some measures. So in the year of 1924 a new school – whose architect was Artur Perna – started in Raua str. 6, which continued as 21 Secondary School from the year of 1946. In 2001– 2003 the extensive renovation was carried out by Kommunaalprojekt AS, constructor Facio Ehituse AS.

The contractor ordered waterproofing works with us.


What we did

The waterproofing system for a school-building extension of Tallinn 21 Secondary School.

What we used

We installed concrete mat Voltex onto the angular stone sealed foundation with upturned piled walls. Along the in-situ piles perimetre, in the flooring and walls we installed the construction joint strip Redstop Waterstop. Within the in-situ piles sub-structure we also installed the concrete mat Volte.