Serviseal Type B

Covered bridge movement joint

Application advantages

  • Long history, over 30 years of proven performance.
  • Suitable for extension and rotation joints in smaller bridges and car parks.
  • Movement range ±5 mm or ±10 mm with metal riding plate.
  • Elastic, easily conformable with bridge characteristics
  • Allows smooth asphalt continuity

Application advantages

  • Economical, cold fixed system, quickly and easily installed.
  • Can be used separately or as a part of general bridge hydro-insulation.
  • Used in the new or repaired structures
  • Application method allows road closures by lanes


Serviseal® Type B is preformed pressed PVC strip for waterproof covered joints with movement range ±5 mm or with galvanised metal riding plate ±10 mm.

Serviseal® Type B pressed profile middle part allows movement. It ensures water stop during bridge plate shrinkage and expansion. When used with Servidek® and Servipak® system forms continious hydro-insulation solution.

Bitustik™ is self-adhesive double side polyethylene tape. Comprising film carriers, covered with rubber bitumene on either sides, Bitustik™ suits for bond of waterproof and protection layers to substrates and membrane.