Courthouse in Paide

A courthouse with an early classicist style was built in 1790. In addition to the district court, there were also an archive, arrest rooms and prison chambers in the same building. The building had 2 floors with limestone and brick walls with intermediate ceiling. The building was adjusted to an elementary school and a 2-storied extension was built to Laia St. side of the house.

The building was renovated in 1998-2000 and the initial courthouse function was restored. Next, a bit more exhaustive renovation took place in 2010. Construction expertise carried out in 2014 detected some moisture damages on the first floor walls which was ruining its decoration. In autumn in the same year the walls with moisture damage were treated using EPASIT MineralSanoPro system solution.

The client for this project was Riigi Kinnisvara AS (State Real Estate Ltd), main contractor Agretten OÜ.


What we did

We removed damaged plaster from the wall. Cleaned limestone brick walls were covered with EPASIT MineralSanoPro hb adhesive layer and walls were plastered with EPASIT MineralSanoPro lpf treatment plaster. Plastered surfaces were scraped using EPASIT MineralSanoPro sg fine filler and painted with EPASIT MineralSanoPro spf silicate paint.

What we used

EPASIT MineralSanoPro hb
EPASIT MineralSanoPro lpf
EPASIT MineralSanoPro sg
EPASIT MineralSanoPro spf