Foorum Centre

Business and residential centre Foorum, situated in Tallinn, at Narva maantee /Hobujaama corner, is meant for demanding client, offering more expensive and high-end goods and services in comparison to the neighbouring Viru center. Total area of the centre is 30 000 m², of which 2500 m² are allocated for shops and cafes and 5000 m² for commercial areas. In the building there are 196 apartments, under the building a big parking house for 284 vehicles locates. The architects are Hanno Grossschmidt and Tomomi Hayashi from HG Arhitektuur, a developer – Foorum Kinnisvara and constructor – KMG Ehitus AS. We performed different waterproofing works, ordered by the head contractor.


What we did

We installed waterproofing together with the protective heat insulation for various ground structures walls, terraces, balconies, turned and grasses roofs. On the terraces and balconies we also installed drainages, garret floor racking with sealing adjacent structures.

What we used

Zero cycle of the business, office and residential complex; for waterproofing of the turned roofs, terraces, balconies and grass roof we used GRACE Bituthene 2-layer system. Waterproofing of the basement walls with self-adhesive laminated membrane GRACE Bituthene 4000, protection with drainage mat Plastofol P8 and insulation plates EPS 100mm. For insulation of the terraces and balconies we used double-layer waterproofing system with drainages. The first layer is the self-adhesive elastic laminated membrane GRACE Bituthene 4000, the second – the more impact resistant laminated membrane Bituthene 8000. Water removal from terraces through the heating cable drainage HL62. The waterproofing system is protected with heating insulation Styrofoam 250 SL-AN and additional protective board GRACE Servipak 3 mm was installed on turnings.