Pre-mixed magnesia phosphate cement mortar for rapid high early strength repair

Product description

FEBSET 45 is a Specially formulated magnesia phosphate cement-based mortar for repair, with pre-mixed selected aggregates, which give controlled, extremely high early strength in temperatures ranging from -20 °C (or lower) up to 30 °C. FEBSET 45 is a modified compound with 10 mm agreggate for use in layers over 30 mm thick.

FEBSET 45 provides a repair material for concrete slabs, which reaches adequate strength for trafficking, or other use, at a very early stage. It is also suitable to use as a repair medium at low ambient temperatures.When FEBSET 45 is added to water and mixed, an exotermic reaction commences and within approx. 15 minutes (at 20 °C) setting process takes  place. The material hardens at 15-20 °C to give sufficiently strength to hold heavy traffic in less than one hour.

Fields of application
For use in concrete repair situations, where the minimum of delay and work disrutpion of the utmost importance.

  • Cold store floor areas.
  • Concrete roads and nosings.
  • Bridge decks.
  • Quays/crane rails
  • Industrial floor areas
  • Loading bays and warehouses.
  • Around fixing bolts.
  • Raising and levelling manhole covers, gratings, hydrants, etc

Features and benefits

  • High strength at a very early age (45 min).
  • Minimum delay to traffic and production. When used to repair concrete pavings, it permits early re-opening to traffic – within 45 minutes at 20 °C.
  • Excellent bond. No secondary bonding agents required.
  • Highly durable. Excellent resistance to de-icing salts.
  • High freeze/thaw resistance.
  • No curing required.
  • Can be placed in sub-zero temperature.
  • Non-shrinkable

Find more about product on the Estonian data sheet Febset_45.pdf  and from our sales representatives.