Vanaõue Bridge

The Vanaõue Bridge is situated at the 15,935 km of Mudiste-Vändra highway and crosses the River Navesti, it was renovated by AS Teede REV-2. The work was commissioned by the Road Administration of the Western Region. The Vanaõue Bridge is 51 m long and the renovation cost 3.2 million Estonian kroons in 2005.

At the commission of the main contractor we carried out different hydro-insulation works on the viaduct.


What we did

We carried out the concrete repairs of the Vanaõue Highway Bridge concrete beams and repaired the shore and river pillars. We also hydro-insulated the new bridge piece.

What we used

For the newly laid bridge deck hydro-insulation we used the liquid waterproof membrane GRACE Servidek, which was covered with the GRACE Servipak 6mm protection boards. We installed the GRACE Serviseal Type B waterstop system for the protection of contraction joints. The joint between the asphalt and edge beam was filled with the viscous liquid membrane GRACE Servidek.