Water is our most important source of life.
A chemical that surrounds us in vaporized, liquid and frozen form

It is natural for humans to strive for comfort and they surround themselves with a suitable environment where living hand-in-hand with water is one of the key conditions. To get to know the nature of water, the team of Langeproon Inseneriehitus have studied at school and gathered experience together for over 20 years. In our continuous development, we are prepared to offer you engineering knowledge, long experience and a wide selection of materials to achieve a comprehensive professional solution.

Our motto is waterproof solutions!


Waterproofing and protection of new buildings

Reinforced concrete protection coatings for outdoor and indoor use

Materials and technologies: MC-Bauchemie protection coatings, MC-Bauchemie graffiti protection systems

Performed works: Concrete lions on the promenade in Narva, Overpass on Pärnu Highway, Meat thawing room in Grossi meat industry

Waterproofing and moisture rehabilitation on existing constructions

Waterproofing behind constructions

Materials and technologies: MC-Bauchemie injection materials, Cetco waterproofing materials, Desoi catalogue

Performed works: Jõe 4A elevator shaft

Waterproofing and protection for bridges, viaducts, tunnels and car park floors

Waterproofing and repair for deformation joints

Materials and technologies: Grace Serviseal Type B, Migua, MC-Bachemie joint mastics, Besaplast catalogue

Performed works: Tondi Viaduct

Swimming pools, SPAs, industrial rooms with aggressive environment

Stopping water leakages, strengthening construction and stabilizing surface using injection method

Watertight entries for pipes and cables

Concrete cast formwork and elements

Repairing asphalt potholes

Repairing asphalt potholes

Materials and technologies: Asfotex